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Snow Removal Policies

Bristol Township Public Works Department requests your vital assistance in helping us to maintain safe roadways during periods of ice and snow.  Please read through this section to better understand the responsibilities of our department, along with expectations for residents.


Snow Routes

The following streets or parts thereof are designated as "snow emergency routes".  Any vehicle left standing or unattended on these roads during a snow or ice event may be towed or removed by the police department.  These streets are designated by signs reading:   "SNOW ROUTE, VEHICLES WILL BE TOWED DURING SNOWFALL".



Bath Road            

  New Rodgers Road to Route 13 
Bristol-Oxford Valley Road    New Falls Road to Lakeland Avenue 
Cedar Avenue    Route 13 to State Road 
Edgely Road   New Falls Road to Route 13 
Ford Road        Bath Road to Hilltop Avenue
Green Lane    Mill Creek Road to Route 13 
Levittown Parkway     New Falls Road to Tullytown Borough Line 

Mill Creek Road  

  Levittown Parkway to Bristol-Oxford Valley  Road 
New Falls Road    Hood Boulevard to Durham Road 
Newport Road   I-95 to Route 13
Veteran's Highway   Ford Road to Route 13 

Olds Boulevard      

  Queen Anne Road to Oxford Valley Road
River Road   State Road to Cedar Avenue  
Route 13    Cedar Avenue to Haines Road 
State Road      RT 413 to Browns Lane 


The aforementioned roads receive highest priority in plowing and de-icing, and are cleared by either PennDot or Township forces or contractors.  Major intersections, section entrances, passes and drives are then cleared by Public Works employees or contractors.  Depending on the amount of snowfall, one or more passes may be made on each of these roads.  Every attempt is made to clear the streets "curb-to-curb", eventually allowing two lanes for passage.  School zones and walkways are also given special attention during snow events.


In accordance with Township ordinances, all vehicles parked on a township street or right-of-way MUST be removed within two hours after snow or sleet falls in sufficient amounts to form, lay upon and cover the street surface so as to permit unimpeded access and passage by snow and ice removal equipment. 

The Police Department is authorized to issue citations to all vehicles left on the streets and rights-of-way two (2) hours after snow or sleet falls.

Snow Removal from Homes, Businesses

Township residents and landowners are required to clear the sidewalks around their homes and businesses within 12 (twelve) hours after a storm.  When clearing snow from walks and private drives, please be sure to avoid creating obstructions for traffic or pedestrians.


Many residents become upset if, upon shoveling their sidewalk or driveway, they become "snowed in" once again by a township plow.  There is a simple solution:  Once finished shoveling, stand facing your driveway.  Shovel a pocket (at least 6' long) along the street to the left of your driveway.  If the plow comes by, it will fill the pocket with snow instead of your driveway.


Other Pointers

You can make winter driving safer in Bristol Township by observing these safety tips:

  • Travel at a safe distance from plows and salt trucks.  Do not try to pass.
  • Limit travel unless absolutely necessary during inclement weather.
  • Remove all parked vehicles from roadways to permit passage of plows.
  • Do not attempt to stop a snow removal vehicle, or obstruct its path.
  • Do not operate, or allow others to operate, ATV's on public roads.


Residents are thanked in advance for their cooperation and patience during snow events.   

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