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Street Sweeper Schedule 2012 - January to June

Street Sweeping Program!

Now that winter is over and spring time is here, it is time to start the Township Street Sweeping Program. We ask that you do not park your vehicles on the roadway during the estimated sweeping week for your section.


It is imperative that you do not sweep, rake or move yard waste such as branches, twigs or leaves into the roadway or along your curbs for this sometimes causes the suction hose on the sweeper to get clogged or jammed with that type of yard debris.


The Public Works Dept. tries to maintain street sweeping to stay on schedule for the Townships MS4S house keeping plan. This plan is for the Township to try and stop certain debris and materials from getting into our storm systems and streams and producing sediment and pollution of our waterways. We thank you for doing your best to help the Township in its efforts by raking and cleaning debris off of your property so it does not make its way into our storm system.


Street sweeping makes the Township look cleaner in appearance to give you more Community Pride. This is something the newly elected Council is trying to bring back to the residents of the Township.


Again thank you for you cooperation in this process, if you have any questions or comments please call the Public Works Dept @ (215) 785-2758 

These are approximate dates of street sweeping in your areas:


March 1 to March 9:
Main Roads


River Rd      
Cedar Av     
Old Rodgers Rd    
Ford Rd
Lakeland Av  
Beaver Dam Rd       
Elwood Av
Plymouth Av      
Norton Av       
Millcreek Rd
Green La       
Airport Rd       
Runway Rd        
Millcreek Prky    
Emilie Rd       
Woerner Av
Cinder La     
Haines Rd     
Penn Av
Edgely Rd      
Randall Av Bridge       
N Wilson Av
Wistar Rd      
S Olds Blvd     
Queen Anne Dr


March 12 to March 16:
Section #13


Old Croydon (State Rd to River Rd)


March 19 to March 23:
Section #12


Old Croydon (Rt 13 to State Rd)


March 26 to March 30:
Section #11
Newport Village  
Maple Shade
Croydon Acres
Croydon Manor

April 2 to April 6:
Section #10

West Bristol    
Broadway Manor    
Steele Av


April 9 to April 13:
Section #9


Old Rodgers Rd    
Lakeland Estates     
Mayfield Terrace
Bath Addition     
Laurel Bend     
Winder Village
Margo Gardens


April 16 to April 20:
Section #8


Keystone Park
Grundy’s La    


April 23 to April 27:
Section #7


Blue Ridge      
Indian Creek
Emilie Rd    
Woerner Av   
Cinder La


April 30 to May 4:
Section #6


Lakeland Av    
Hayes Blvd  
Venice Ashby
Clyde Waite Dr  
Green Lawn Park   
Plymouth Av
Beaver Dam Rd   
Elwood Av   
Norton  Av
Edgely Rd       
Landreth Manor     
Atkins Av
Paper Mill Village  
Watson Av  
Penn Av
Randall Av   
Patterson Av  
Stewart Av
Elkins Av    
Edgely Section    
Grieb Av
Beaver Dam Rd by Edgely


May 7 to May 16:
Section #5


Edgely Industrial Park   
Manning Blvd
McPherson Av 
Hanford St  
Airport Rd
Curtis Av   
Headly Av   
Headley Court
Woodside Av     
Runway Rd    
Hardy St
Silvi Av   
Pacific Av  


May 7 to May 31:
Section #4


Haines Rd


June 4 to June 13:
Section #3


Red Cedar    
Green Lynn   
Green La
Millcreek Rd


June 14 to June 26:
Section #2


Holly Hill    


June 27 to July 13:
Section #1


Birch Valley   
Magnolia Hill   
Fairbridge North
S Olds Blvd
Wistar Rd      
Queen Anne Dr  

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