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Storm Water Management

How Can I Help?

What homeowners can do:


Participate in a survey

Fill out this form and send to the Township Manager’s attention at:

Bristol Township

2501 Bath Road

Bristol, PA 19007


You Can Help Managing Storm Water By Volunteering:


            1.  Participate in a stream or creek cleanup within the Township.

            2.  Plant trees along a pond, stream or creek.

            3.  Stencil storm drains with warnings about dumping.

            4.  Organize a neighborhood pollution watch.


* If you are interested in any of these programs contact the Township Manager at manager@bristoltownship.org


**  Students can earn community service hours!!!!



What businesses can do:


            General Business Information


            Restaurant Information


            Automotive Information



2501 Bath Road | Bristol, PA  19007 | BUCKS COUNTY | Phone: 215-785-0500

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